Wyben is family.

Wyben Homes believes in family. We build homes, but we also build relationships. Our contractors are an important part of our family, and we like to highlight their work and contributions to our efforts of creating beautiful, modern homes.

Corey Woods is an electrician for Red E Electric.  Corey and the Red E team have worked with Wyben Homes since we started in 2013.  Corey is an Amarillo native and a graduate of Caprock High School.  He is married to Brittany, and together they have two children, three year old Gianna Faith and four month old Elijah Robert.  In his spare time, Corey enjoys singing, bowling, and gaming.  Wyben Homes enjoys working with Corey and all of the Red E team!

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Ted Stallings has worked for Wyben Homes from our beginning. Ted and Raymond have also worked together on various projects for over 15 years.  Ted is the owner of Stallings Custom Paint and Faux Finishes. He is 48 years old with three wonderful children and an amazing wife that he has been married to for almost 27 years.  In his spare time, Ted enjoys collecting vintage clocks and guns, and he loves driving fast cars.  He has been painting for over 27 years and enjoys the relationships he has built through his business over the years.  Wyben Homes is fortunate to have Ted and his crew as part of our team!