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My husband and I made the decision to build a year ago. Our decision to work with Raymond turned out to be a fantastic one. Not only did Raymond build us our dream home but he made it an easy and fun experience. Throughout the entire process Raymond was extremely professional and communicative. We knew where we were in regards to the budget and if something was an upgrade he let us know what the additional cost would be. There were no budgetary surprises at the end. Raymond was genuinely as excited as we were when something in the home had been completed. It was quite evident throughout the building process that Raymond is not only passionate about building homes but also takes pride in every home he builds. His skills and experience are evident based on the finished product. He is also a fantastic guy so working with him was incredibly easy. Importantly, my husband and I feel that we not only got a beautiful home but also formed a new lasting friendship. We highly recommend building with Wyben Homes!
— Dr. Maxine De Butte & Dr. Matthew Reardon

Building our new home with Raymond Roberts was an excellent experience. He was always very receptive to any ideas or changes. If there were concerns, they were addressed immediately. He employs skilled sub-contractors. We felt as if Raymond was building our home as his own. It seemed like he was as excited to see the completion as we were! He was very fair on change orders, and we always knew exactly where we were on the budget. We would highly recommend Raymond over and over again. He is an excellent guy!
— The Redlines
When my wife Amy and I decided it was time for a new home, we weren’t sure if we wanted to build or to buy an existing property. We had been in our house for over ten years, since our wedding, but we felt we needed something larger, a residence that would also allow us more opportunities to entertain. We started going to open houses to get ideas in case we decided to build.
After several weekends of countless walkthroughs of new and used houses, we sat down one evening and talked about what we liked about the places we had seen and what we would want in our new home. In our discussions, the Wyben home kept coming up. The house was almost finished and the decisions made by Mr. Roberts were right on track with our wants and needs. We had seen several nice houses, but this one just seemed a step above, not to mention that we didn’t have to wait for it to be built.
We contacted our realtor and soon the house was ours. We had a walkthrough with Raymond and he corrected any paint chips or door dings we found. As with any new construction there were issues to be addressed, which are identified after moving in. We have found that Raymond has responded to our problems almost immediately and arranged for repairs quickly. When we have questions, Raymond can usually answer them.
We are very pleased with our Wyben home and have no reservations about recommending Raymond Roberts as a builder. We have now entertained several times in our new home and when our friends ask who the builder of this wonderful house is, we proudly tell them it’s a Wyben home.
— Rik and Amy Andersen